Lavande Vital Spa
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Lavande Vital SPA  is your place on the way to relax and health. Here water works for your comfort. For many years hydrotherapy has helped to keep the body fit. It is worth taking care of water which constitutes  75% of our bodies.  Lavande Vital SPA is filled with high quality water which helps to harmonize the psyche and the soma. A relaxed body needs a calm psyche and vice versa – we can help you to find the right balance. Spa provides not only body treatment but is also the key to relax. Your everyday problems will babble away in Jacuzzi.  Lavande Vital Spa offers seven specialized rooms where every part of your your body will be delicately caressed and vital water will take you on an amazing journey.

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Mickiewicza 16,
58-200 Dzierżoniów

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