The Provence cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. It takes its rich, deep and unforgettable taste from ripe, juicy fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and aromatic herbs.

Being the trademark of the region, lavender serves as a source not only for perfume but also for an incredible honey. It has an amazing taste and aroma as well as a delicate light color ranging from ivory white to yellow. The honey is collected when the flowers are blossoming, in August and September. Whether thin or thick, it tastes awesome with fresh bread. It is also an ingredient of many dishes such as fried figs or foie gras. Another sweet delicacy that gives its name to Aix-en-Provence is calisson d’Aix, that is almonds with fried melon in a fruit syrup (40% almonds, 60% fruit and syrup).
The Provence cuisine is associated with tomatoes, oil and garlic. However, there is much more variety to that. There is a smell of thyme, basil and parsley. There is a taste of sunny vegetables, Nyons olives and thick meat daube and bouillabaisse soup from Marseille. We are also tempted by Cavaillon melons and refreshed by spicy anise pastis…


The Provence Restaurant is a place full of passion for food, love for life and taste. Dishes are prepared with seasonal vegetables and fruit as well as original French and regional products.

Products are delivered by trusted suppliers, including high quality meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and… flowers.

Welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, fresh and healthy dishes… with a splash of tradition – we can guarantee you unforgettable culinary experiences.